your body you’ve never fallen in love with
has now reunited with the soil you’ve kissed multiple times.
rest your bones, darling,
you’re home.
Away from the judging eyes,
the scarring insults,
the world that has set its eyes on the
beauty of a slender body.

Six feet under,
you’re finally fitting in.


I’ve Seen the Afterlife

I have seen the afterlife.
No one believed me when I told them.
The afterlife was nothing like they’d imagined.
It was full of people, idly wandering about, trying to look for a way out.
It was like neither heaven nor hell.
The place looked like a huge room and despite the large number of the people inside, we didn’t seem to be short of space.
Everything was white.
The walls were white.
The people were dressed in white.
There was no ceiling, but when I looked up, it was just white.
People were reaching out with their hands, trying to look for a door or a way out.
I didn’t know if it was to reassure ourselves or we still could not accept our deaths.
But I went along.
I stretched my arms out in front of me and tried to find a door or even a corner of this odd room.
There was nothing.
We were wasting our time.
Everything was white.
We were trapped.
Somehow, this was worse than heaven, but slightly better than hell.
I have seen the afterlife.
But I didn’t want to relive the few moments I was there.
Unlike them, I found a way out.
And that was to wake up.

A poem to get my mind off of things. Hi!