He gave up his soul a long time ago to a man he didn’t even recognize. For fortune, for fame, and everything good in between. But he didn’t want this life anymore; a life lived in darkness and isolation, a life with pure hatred and nothing with love.

He searched hard for him, he really did. He searched the dark alleys, the abandoned buildings. He cried, he fought till he bled, he did everything to make him appear again but to no avail.

He went back to his grandiose penthouse and slumped heavily on the pristine leather couch which barely made a dent in his fully loaded bank account. He held his head in both hands as he contemplated how he could give up everything good in his life for a life of endless luxury?

He paced back and forth across his huge living room and as he passed the mirror he has always loved, he saw his reflection grinning like a maniac. The monster was in him all along and it would stay with him forever.


This short story was written while waiting for my brother in summer school. I was surrounded by people but I was busy swimming in dark thoughts. This piece is reminiscent of my short poem entitled Mirrors only a bit darker. 🙂


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