One day I picked up a milk bottle,
The glass one, yes.
This was where I kept most of my feelings,
The worst and the best.
I shouted, I cried and I laughed,
Every emotion sealed.
I kept everything hidden away,
No scar was fully healed.

Then I decided to hide it forever,
I locked it within a chest.
I threw away the key,
And took almost everything in jest.
But I found it again, a few months later,
The last and single thing I had in possession.
I uncorked it and every pent up emotions came out,
Leaving me swirling in a pit of depression.

The glass bottle broke
Along with my feelings, along with my hope.


4 thoughts on ““Bottle”

  1. Beautiful poem… I loved the ending and would like to add a point, though i wish i could add it in a beautiful poetic way as you have done.. Its good the bottle is gone, for now you can’t run anymore and have to take them head on.. Taking them head on, would help you accept and overcome them.. 🙂

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