“Office Hours”

Note: The power went off during office hours yesterday and I decided to write this while waiting for the generator to operate. I was sleepy so writing this took away the haze for a while. 

Everyday is an endless routine
of eating, working and sleeping.
I wake up today ready to start again,
I am up even before my alarm clock started ringing.

Sweaty and tired, I arrive at work,
ready to get sweaty and tired again.
I sit in front of my computer and think,
I spin around, pondering, twirling my pen.

I finish half of my works early
to eat lunch ahead of everyone.
I intend to avoid stilted conversations,
I always say, “I want to do everything before the day is done.”

No one really knows my name around here
Just a few ones who always walk past by me.
Some only know me by face,
While some just wave and smile, then lets me be.

I go home, feeling like I’ve accomplished many,
When it’s really just the same as yesterday.
I bet I will do these things tomorrow, too,
It’s always the same thing every day.


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