“On Two Wheels”

Before the sun sets
he’ll be there waiting
smiling, waving,
he never fails, never forgets.

The chilly air blows,
as she tightens her grip on his waist,
going down the path in such a haste,
he starts to laugh, she follows.

Aboard the two wheels they go
like runners in a chase,
struggling to keep a straight face,
the feelings inside, continues to grow.

The wheels stop moving
after a year or two.
She doesn’t have a clue,
she doesn’t know what he’s doing.

They soon forget the thrill,
and the fun, as they race down;
they both move out of town,
to abandon the lone hill.

Soon the leaves start to fall.
She comes back with a different smile,
she meets his eyes from a mile,
She steps forward, the distance becomes small.

He smiles as he brings in his brand new wheels,
they are not meant to go fast,
unlike the two wheels in the past,
But now is different: now they know what each other feels.

– m.n.


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