“A Lonely Christmas Sonnet”

Festive cheer enveloped me in a warm embrace
but within the embrace, I could only feel coldness.
I tried to put on a convincing smile on my face,
yet the smile I conjured portrayed a hint of sadness.
The smell of food kept my belly warm at the thought.
So I closed my eyes and savored the scent.
The hope for a happy Christmas was all for naught.
It was not midnight yet and I already feel spent.
I dragged my feet around the place, laughing,
pretending that I was having the best night.
But all I could think about was sleeping,
with my blanket over my head, my eyes shut tight.
I truly hope Christmas passes just like any other day,
because in the midst of the colorful holiday, I was the only one grey.

Not really a piece that screams festive cheer, but hey, it fits the holidays. MERRY CHRISTMAS! (Oh, the contradiction.)


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